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A Powerful Way to Calm A Chaotic Mind

A Powerful Way to Calm A Chaotic Mind

A Powerful Way to Calm A Chaotic Mind – In general, everyone in this world must have experienced a phase where the mind feels so chaotic that it makes the mood becomes upset. This is a common thing because of romance problems, piled up work or boredom with other activities.

Feelings of restlessness, nervousness, and panic are very natural feelings experienced by everyone and can be overcome by understanding how to calm the mind. The triggers vary, for example before a job interview, waiting for test results, and so on. Even though you feel anxious, don’t take it for granted because it can make your spirit decrease and you can’t be confident.

When panic hits, it may be difficult to calm or control your emotions. When in fact you can control feelings of restlessness in a fairly effective way. The key is just to get used to focusing on positive things so that the mind becomes calm. With a calm mind guaranteed to reduce stress and anxiety.

Let’s take a look at the various unique ways to relieve stress below:

1. Don’t think (negative thinking)
Try to think of any anxieties as mere perceptions, not facts. Actually when anxious, the mind is trying to protect itself by predicting the possibilities that might happen.

But just because something can happen, doesn’t mean that anxiety will manifest itself. Keep positive thinking to stay focused and optimistic.

2. Pet cat or dog
One of the reasons why dogs or cats are used as therapy animals is because they can fulfill a basic human need, namely to express affection.

Stroking, cuddling, or touching a loving animal can quickly increase serotonin and dopamine levels. Both hormones are useful for the body to calm the mind and muscles. In this way, you will become more relaxed and stress will disappear.

Accompanied by a pet, it can ease the feeling of loneliness you feel. For example dogs, these animals are great stimuli to help you start a healthy exercise, which can actually improve mood, suppress depression, and lower blood pressure.

In addition, dogs are known as human friends are also able to understand many of the words we use. However, they are much better at interpreting tone of voice, language, and gestures. Dogs are also able to look deep into your heart to gauge your emotional state and try to understand what you are thinking and feeling.

3.Get Closer to God
Most people think that playing to a night club, dancing and getting drunk can be a weapon to calm an agitated heart. Not at all though!

Let’s say you find pleasure in the clubbing activity. But believe me, the fun will only last a moment. After that, your heart will feel empty again. Instead of spending time with useless things, you better draw closer to God. Worship!

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If you are Muslim, you can perform the five daily prayers or circumcision prayers. You can also listen to the chanting of Allah’s verses. This will make your heart feel peaceful as well as calm.

4. Don’t Blame Yourself Too Much
Honestly, sometimes forgiving yourself is harder than forgiving other people’s mistakes. This condition often makes oneself feel guilty, haunted by endless guilt, to trigger frustration.

It’s best if you run into a problem, whatever it is, don’t beat yourself up too much. Responsibility is necessary! But that doesn’t mean you have to constantly torture your mind, let alone think that you don’t deserve to be forgiven. Don’t ever think so, okay! Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves a chance. So, try to forgive yourself.

By forgiving yourself, then trying to get up and improve yourself, then that can be a way of calming the heart.

5. Do Yoga for Mind Relaxation
One type of exercise that can help you relieve stress is yoga. In medical science, the movements in yoga are useful for stretching the muscles of the body, improving blood flow, as well as calming the nervous system.

These three things are certainly not only useful for maintaining physical health, but also help relax the mind. By doing yoga exercises, it can reduce anxiety as well as relieve tense thoughts.

Oh yes, not all yoga is intended as a stress reliever. To be able to do it, you can look for tutorials on Youtube, or you can also take yoga classes.

6. Sleep
Sometimes the problems we think are so big turn out to be small. Sometimes we just panic with a chaotic state of mind, anxiety and others so we can’t think clearly. Our clear mind comes from deep sleep. Don’t forget that sleep can also be a painkiller. The stress you experience becomes such a big problem just because you don’t get enough sleep. So don’t panic because you just need enough sleep.

7. Meditation
Meditation is a process of emptying the mind by focusing on something specific, place, sentence, color, and so on. Start by sitting (kneeling or lying down) in a comfortable position and focus your mind (can be while praying) while imagining a specific thing that has been determined. It may take more than ten minutes to completely clear your mind.

There are many benefits when you meditate regularly, including reducing stress, controlling anxiety, improving sleep quality, boosting the immune system, fighting addiction, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening memory.