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These 5 Ways to Run on the Treadmill

These 5 Ways to Run on the Treadmill

These 5 Ways to Run on the Treadmill – Want to run, but the weather is not friendly outside? Running on the treadmill is the solution. Although the sensation is different, the benefits are more or less the same.

Running on a treadmill is certainly different from running outdoors. There are several things that must be considered before starting to exercise. For maximum, consider the following tips!

1. Use the right shoes

Running on a bumpy ground and running on a flat treadmill is different. The rolling surface of the treadmill changes the way we tread and push.

Therefore, we don’t need heavy, thick, well cushioned running shoes. Shoes for running on a treadmill must be light in order to provide a dynamic style, fast, with powerful push-offs, quotes from Runtastic.

2. Pay attention to your posture

Most people focus only on monitoring their running speed (pace), heart rate (heart rate), or distance covered. In fact, there is something that is no less important, namely posture!

Most people spend most of their time looking to see if their feet land in the right place on the treadmill.

3. Start running at a moderate pace

Don’t rush! If this is your first time running on the treadmill, start at a moderate pace. Give your body time to get used to running indoors.

You are advised to run at a controlled speed so that your body can adjust to it. Because we are not used to it, we are very likely to slip or roll, especially if the speed is too high.

However, don’t worry because once we get used to running on the treadmill, we can increase the speed, intensity and inclination.

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4. Monitor speed regularly

Whether we realize it or not, our running speed on a treadmill is not the same as running outdoors. In fact, many people have a hard time knowing how fast they are running.

this is due to the new running terrain such as rolling surfaces, level bearings, and constant speed. Because it is different from running outside the room, our normal speed changes, it can be slower or faster.

What must be done to maintain the intensity of the exercise? Maintain normal stride length and check speed regularly.

5. Increase the inclination to simulate air resistance

Usually, running on a treadmill is easier than running outside. This is due to the lack of air resistance.

To compensate for this deficiency, increase the treadmill inclination by 1-2 percent inclination. The goal is to simulate conditions such as when running outdoors.

Based on research cited by Runner’s World, when we set the treadmill to a 1 percent inclination, this can simulate the intensity of running outdoors and mask the lack of wind resistance.