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Tips for Caring for Mental Health

Tips for Caring for Mental Health

Tips for Caring for Mental Health – Today many people are trying to maintain mental health. Mental health often makes many people become very careful in choosing friends and keep everything away from everything negative. From a press release published by Tokopedia, there are some important tips for treating mental health. In order to welcome World Mental Health Day, let’s look at the following tips!

1. Fasting social media (social media) or reducing the intensity of its use

The first tip Nago shared was to reduce the use of social media. According to him, the intensity of using social media that is too excessive has a negative impact.

He further said, “Too often open social media can make us easily anxious because the incoming information is excessive and beyond our ability to control it.”

For that, Nago also suggested looking for more entertaining content. “When we open social media, we can find the news we need. But, don’t forget to look for other things that are more fun and inspiring,” he added.

2. Strengthen bonding with family cooking activities

During this pandemic, we spend a lot of time at home. It’s no wonder that the intensity of meeting with family members is becoming more intimate.

To take advantage of this precious moment, you can make simple bonding activities such as cooking a family mainstay menu. Nago said, “The function of cooking is not only for entertainment. But, it also helps us stay productive so we are no longer passive because of the pandemic situation.”

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3. Beautify your home page by trying gardening hobbies

Besides cooking together, you can also try other new hobbies with your family. There are lots of interesting hobby ideas that you can try during the pandemic, you know! One of them is doing gardening activities together.

You can get many benefits from this activity. Starting from adding to the beauty of the home page to making the mind fresher.

As Nago said in a press release, “Gardening has several benefits for mental health. We can train concentration, organize mindfully, and reconnect with nature that we may have left behind.”

4. Get used to doing sports at home

There are many benefits that you can get from sports activities. In addition to training physical abilities and making the body feel more fit, it turns out that exercise also has a positive impact on mental health.

To start this hobby, the preparation is quite easy. “Provide gymnastics mats, sports clothes, and sports equipment that can be used at home,” said Ekhel Chandra Wijaya as Tokopedia’s External Communications Senior Lead.