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Useful Bathing Tips for Health

Useful Bathing Tips for Health

Useful Bathing Tips for Health – Bathing is an activity that everyone must do if they feel their body is dirty. Bathing is useful for removing bacterial impurities that stick to the body. Well, here are tips that can be applied while bathing. Guaranteed to make your bathing activities more essence and useful.

1. Choose the water temperature as needed

Choosing the water temperature when bathing has its own benefits. Warm water can help you relax. The steam can also help relieve cold symptoms, but it’s not suitable for people with dry skin.

While cold water will help improve blood circulation. A cold shower will also keep you awake in the morning. However, cold water is not suitable for use when you are sick and cold.

2. Combing hair before shampooing

Combing hair before shampooing can actually minimize hair loss that occurs due to tangled hair, you know. In addition, combing your hair will also make it easier for you to apply shampoo evenly and rinse it off.

3. Using shampoo properly

When washing your hair, make sure you rub it first with water until it foams. Apply enough shampoo, not too much to avoid dry hair twice.

First, smooth it while massaging the scalp. Then smooth it on the hair by combing and rubbing it gently.

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4. Use conditioner

If you don’t use conditioner after shampooing, from now on you should get used to it. Because, conditioner is useful for washing keratin which plays an important role in maintaining healthy hair.

5. Don’t take too long a bath

Don’t shower too long. Make sure you use your bath time in moderation. Bathing for too long will make the body more susceptible to viruses. In addition, some skin problems are also more prone to be felt, such as dry skin, eczema, itching, and redness of the skin.

6. Clean the areas that trigger bad odors

When showering, make sure to clean some areas on your body that trigger bad odors. These areas, such as the armpits, buttocks, and groin.

These body parts have more sweat glands than other body parts. So, you have to clean it thoroughly.

7. Differentiate the towels used

Begin to distinguish towels for drying hair and body. Then, gently dry the wet part. Don’t rub it, but gently wipe it, okay?